1-week refresher course

The student can expect to have approximately 10 hours of driving time and 10 hours of backing instruction. In addition, they will also enjoy 20 hours of truck lab.

4 week Class A CDL course

The student will have 20 hours of driving, 80 hours of classroom on-site and online, and 10 hours of backing instruction. An additional 50 hours will be spent in the truck lab with some observation time.
*As with any of our courses these numbers may vary depending on the student’s specific needs. All course sections may be modified to fit the needs of the individual student.

Truck Lab

Students will observe and learn hands-on how to perform a complete vehicle inspection, troubleshooting and maintenance, tire chaining, coupling and uncoupling, fifth wheel, and tandem axle sliding procedures.

Backing Instruction

Students will learn hands-on how to L-Back, straight back, off-set back, and dock a tractor-trailer combination vehicle. These procedures are a one-student-to-one-instructor ratio.

Classroom Instruction

In the classroom, students will be instructed and tested on all endorsements, map reading, logbooks, truck and trailer parts, and safe driving techniques, among various other skills. Students are issued a 35 chapter Tractor-Trailer training manual complete with tests at the end of each chapter. They will also complete 35 instructional and safety videos, some require tests immediately following the video. A 2-hour seminar will be instructed by “Operation Lifesaver” regarding Railroad rail grade crossings safety.

Driving Instruction

Driving instruction is hands-on driving in various road conditions and situations. This includes driving on the interstate, city and country roads, and grades. Students will learn the entering and exiting procedures of DOT scales. In addition, they will visit and observe DOT scale personnel and their role in the transportation industry.