Founders Michelle and Gregory Christianson moved from Iowa to Idaho in 2001. Greg has been involved in the trucking industry as a driver and Business Representative for the Teamsters Union since 1976. Upon moving to Idaho in 2001, Greg embarked on truck driver training for 2 CDL schools in Twin Falls. After several months of teaching for these CDL schools, Greg grew frustrated at the lack of proper curriculum that these 2 schools offered. Hence the founding of Top Gun Truck Driving Academy in 2004. Top Gun has been going strong since its opening, we have trained thousands of students with a 96% job placement record.

Greg always tells our students “If you have your CDL you will always have a good-paying job no matter where you live in the United States. Don’t ever feel or think you are God’s gift to the highway because you aren’t. You will be learning new things every week for the rest of your driving career.”

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